Holy Family Safe School Plan

Holy Family Safe School Plan
Holy Family Safe Schools Plan 2021-22Sept 16, 2021
(Effective Friday, September 17, 2021)

 Revisions to the Aug. 23, 2021 Holy Family Safe Schools Plan are due to:

          * Escalating COVID cases
          * Weak vaccination uptake
          * A more aggresive variant
          * The number of children with COVID
          * Medical health officer support for increased interventions
          * A new povincial health order
          * Increasingly overtaxed Health system

Students, staff, families who are ill continue to stay home – self screening is in place for staff, site safe school signage exists at all locations, PPE is available at all sites.

  • Masking – mandatory masking is required while indoors at school. This includes all staff, students and visitors, effective Friday, September 17, 2021. Public Health Measures - September 16, 2021. Staff and students can remove masks while outside and while seated to consume food and drink. During sports, masks may be removed while on the playing field, but must be worn while on the sidelines and when spectating. Those who attend school once identified as a close contact must wear a mask at all times indoors and outdoors except when seated to consume food and drink.
  • Student transportation – safety precautions align with local medical officer, assigned seating and attendance procedures, masking at all times, cleaning and disinfecting protocols are in place.
  • Hygiene- all staff will demonstrate OH&S compliance and refresh hand washing practices with students, proper wash and drinking facilities are operational, hand sanitization stations remain.
  • School day structure – school staff have a plan to address school safety that will include safety procedures, safe student and staff movement, grade groupings, seating plans, safe meal groupings.
  • Student isolation rooms remain available on all school sites and staff have been trained to address the needs in this area.
  • Safe activities – at this time regular activities are resumed for sports, fitness, dance, drama, band, choral, field trips and extra – curricular all following masking guidelines.
  • Mental health and well being of students and staff is of high importance and each school will have a plan to address this area with the support of division office.
  • Vulnerable staff and students relative to COVID will be cared for on an individual basis.
  • Local public health orders will determine close contact procedures. Staff should consult Human Resources with any questions.

It is strongly recommended that all parties become vaccinated when they are able. Students, staff and families are encouraged to access COVID testing when needed. Holy Family has had the experience of pivoting to other levels of instruction if necessary and it is hoped that we can remain with “in school’ instruction. We all share in the responsibility of assisting one another in reducing the risk of a COVID transmission and successfully rebounding into our new normal!! Continue to monitor our http://www.holyfamilyrcssd.ca for any updates or changes to this plan. The plan will be adjusted pending the impact of COVID and provincial direction. Please contact your principal for further safe school planning. Other COVID questions should be directed to the Director of Education 306-842-7025. Let’s celebrate the extraordinary in our ordinary as we try to keep everyone safe and hope filled!!


Gwen Keith, Director of Education