Board of Education

Board Meeting Highlights

Board Meeting Highlights

Holy Family Board of Trustees met for its monthly public meeting on November 24, 2021. Key points to note are:

  • Michael and Sacred Heart school administrators gave an update on the development of their Hockey Academy.
  • A special project related to grade 8 students at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame and St. Augustine School was celebrated.
  • The Board held its annual organizational meeting with Bruno Tuchscherer remaining on as Board Chair and Karen Melle as Board Vice Chair.
  • An update of the SCSBA AGM was presented. Bruno Tuchscherer is Vice-Chair of the SCSBA for another year. The Director updated trustees on a joint project on reconciliation that is moving forward.
  • The Director surfaced a request that has come from the Archdiocese to participate in a Synod on Synodality (see more information here). Future actions will be addressed at the December Board meeting.
  • The Ministry is in the process of developing a 10-year education plan for student outcomes. The Board reviewed an opportunity for Board chairs and trustees to provide input. The Director will communicate further information to the SSBA.
  • The Board reviewed its feedback on the last retreat that was held.
  • There Board approved the audited financial statements for 2020-21, the 2020-21 annual report and the 2022-23 Athol Murray College of Notre Dame agreement.
  • Information was shared on:
  • School faith retreats
  • Education week
  • System Leadership day (Nov 29, 2021)
  • The next meeting for the Board of Trustees will be on December 15, 2021.


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