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2022-23 School Year Calendar

2022-23 School Year Calendar

                                  MEDIA RELEASE

                                   March 17, 2022

                    2022-2023 SCHOOL CALENDAR


                SECPSD #209 AND HFRCSSD #140

The Boards of Education of the Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division and South East Cornerstone Public School Division are pleased to have passed the following motion to support the 2022-2023 school year calendar.

 Motion to approve calendar option A

That the Boards of Education approve calendar option A for the school year calendar for 2022-2023 as presented, subject to approval by the Ministry of Education in terms of compliance with the Education Act regulations.

In keeping with legislative and regulatory amendments, calendars must ensure that a minimum of 950 hours of instructional time is provided to all students. These legislative and regulatory amendments were implemented to ensure that there is a consistent minimum amount of instruction time.

The calendar can be viewed at:

2022-23 School Calendar

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