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Catholic Education Matters Fund Raising Campaign

Catholic Education Matters Fund Raising Campaign

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St. Augustine staff and students are wrapping up this 2016-2017 school year with hearts full of grace and gratitude as they carry forth the Word of the Lord into their summer adventures.  From the "fabulously faith-filled Friday" masses with Fr. Gerry Bauche to participating in works of mercy through a community clean up and bottle drive in Wilcox, St. Augustine school continues to thrive on utilizing their skills and abilities to make the community a beautiful place to be.

During the weeks of Lent, the students took pride in raising over $650.00 for World Vision, more specifically, providing livestock and fruit trees along with a monthly gift to children in need.  Our Grade 6-8 students took leadership roles and planned a variety of activities from 'pie-ing' a teacher to hosting a movie night among other fun and engaging fundraisers.  The students were so pleased with their accomplishments! 
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