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Catholic Education Matters Fund Raising Campaign

Catholic Education Matters Fund Raising Campaign

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Welcome to our 2017/18 school year in

Holy Family school division! 

We are 2We opened up the school year by celebrating as a community with our Archbishop Donald Bolen in partnership with storyteller Lyndon Linklater. Administration, in retreat, refined school goal alignment to that of the province and system. Teachers met to learn more about inquiry strategies for 21st century learning and how to hold critical conversation with a generative lens. 

Holy Family system priorities are:

  • Maintain a high profile of Catholic distinctiveness with a focus on supporting students to demonstrate Catholic values in their lives.
  • Show evidence of permeating instruction with 21st Century learning skills as documented in staff behavior with student voice.
  • Deliver the 2017-18 provincial push targets in student outcome achievement:
    • Readiness: 90% of Kindergarten students will be “ready to learn” according to the Early Years Assessment.
    • Academic:
      • 80% of Grade 1-9 students will be reading at/above grade level according to provincial/curricular standards.
      • 80% of Grade 1-9 students will be writing at/above grade level according to provincial standards.
      •  80% of Grade 1-9 students will be achieving grade level in math according to curricular outcomes.
    • Engagement: Grade 4 - 9 students will self-report a level of engagement above Canadian norms, in all engagement measures, demonstrated by the OurSchool Survey.
  • Investigate further financial efficiencies that ensure the sustainability of Holy Family.

We open our doors to our students on Tuesday, September 5th. Best wishes to all for a successful year!

Welcome to Holy Family

Mission Statement

To prepare our students to be successful in the economies of the 21st century guided by Catholic values and principles.

Vision Statement

To provide relevant, global, high quality Early Learning – grade 12 Catholic education to children in our community.

Guiding Principles

Success in Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division # 140 is guided by a commitment to the following principles for action:

  •     We value the uniqueness of all God’s children.
  •     We value permeation of Catholic faith in our curriculum.
  •     We value family, parish and community engagement.
  •     We value research based decision making.
  •     We value a safe, caring, respectful learning environment.
  •     We value individual academic excellence.
  •     We value and celebrate the success of our students and staff.
  •     We live our faith by modelling Christ’s teachings.

About Us

The amalgamation of Estevan Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 27, Weyburn Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 84 and St. Olivier Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 12 took place effective January 1, 2004 to form the Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division # 140.

The voluntary amalgamation came about after several years of sharing professional and educational services among the three School Divisions. The three former School Divisions were similar in many aspects, the main and strongest similarity being the education of students within the Catholic faith dimension.

The School Divisions felt this could be protected and enhanced by amalgamating and forming one larger School Division.

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