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Holy Family is prepared to welcome students for the 2020-21 school year. Here is our Operational and Learning Plans approved by the Ministry of Education. (Please continue to watch for updates and further details)


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July 29, 2020

Dear Staff and Parents of Holy Family,

Re: Holy Family Return to School Planning 2020-21

I hope you are having a safe and happy summer! Here is an update on actions that are taking place to help facilitate a
safe and educationally solid start to our new school year. Our priorities remain

• to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 by employing proactive measures in products and processes
• to continue to provide a quality Catholic education for all of our students with sensitivity to our employee
contracts and work load

Key areas of summer emphasis include the following:

• We have secured direct involvement with health and infection control experts who have evaluated our health
safety re-entry actions to help protect staff and students. Each school will have a practical operational document in
this area that will be processed with staff prior to school start up. These experts will be on call through central
• Senior management has met with the appropriate local health authorities to determine efficient and
sensitive practices in the event of a transmission.
• During 2019-20 year end school staffs were consulted regarding their facility safety. Each school environment
was studied with staff and student safety in mind e.g. use of plexi -glass, proper signage unique to each school.
Facilities is working on the construction of these adjustments to school sites.
• PPE and protective equipment are currently available with Holy Family training processes to help address
needs as they arise and those that may be further mandated by the province.
• Health Canada approved disinfectants and chemicals have been professionally reviewed and purchased.
Specific training and special protection will be given to staff requiring use of these items.
• School commitments to parents in COVID related areas have been posted on school websites. e.g. gathering
practices, emotional supports, illness guidelines.
• We have hired additional staff to help support the emotional and behavior concerns that we feel will be
elevated as a result of changes due to the pandemic.
• Human resource processes are in place to address the unique situations that might arise due to COVID
related issues.
• Fall startup will have a major focus on professional development for staff in areas impacted by the pandemic
in both health and instructional areas.
• Instructional options and specific pathways for delivery will be addressed in fall start up including
professional development and parent communications. Particular attention will be given to the academic and
safety needs of students with special needs.
• Staffing is under review in the event that we need to address unique impacts resulting from COVID.

On August 4th we will be posting our Ministry approved Holy Family Operational and Learning Plans on our
website at (look for a yellow band)

Later in August we will provide more specific heath and instructional planning documents to support the focus stated
here and on our web site.
We are proud of our team efforts and excited about our “going deeper” preparations. We so look forward to working
with you as we enter schools in the fall.


Gwen Keith
Director of Education


Welcome to Holy Family

Mission Statement

To prepare our students to be successful in the economies of the 21st century guided by Catholic values and principles.

Vision Statement

To provide relevant, global, high quality Early Learning – grade 12 Catholic education to children in our community.

Guiding Principles

Success in Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division # 140 is guided by a commitment to the following principles for action:

  •     We value the uniqueness of all God’s children.
  •     We value permeation of Catholic faith in our curriculum.
  •     We value family, parish and community engagement.
  •     We value research based decision making.
  •     We value a safe, caring, respectful learning environment.
  •     We value individual academic excellence.
  •     We value and celebrate the success of our students and staff.
  •     We live our faith by modelling Christ’s teachings.

About Us

The amalgamation of Estevan Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 27, Weyburn Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 84 and St. Olivier Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 12 took place effective January 1, 2004 to form the Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division # 140.

The voluntary amalgamation came about after several years of sharing professional and educational services among the three School Divisions. The three former School Divisions were similar in many aspects, the main and strongest similarity being the education of students within the Catholic faith dimension.

The School Divisions felt this could be protected and enhanced by amalgamating and forming one larger School Division.

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