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Board Meeting Highlights

February 12, 2020

  • The Board particularly recognized the work of all staff during staff appreciation week.
  • Terry Jordens, Superintendent of Student Services and assessment, gave an update on the current progress in academic outcomes of students. Changes to assessment in reading and engagement were explained.
  • Holy Family will submit a proposal to present at the 2021 CCSTA conference in Saskatoon.
  • The Board sees no further processing of the SSBA Connections document given the development of the new sector plan for the province.
  • The concept of student trustees was discussed with the Board requesting more information on the operational details of this direction.
  • Holy Family will launch a new library system; startup information was shared with the Board.
  • School staffing timelines for the 2020-21 school year were shared.
  • Next Board meeting – March 11, 2020


Welcome to Holy Family

Mission Statement

To prepare our students to be successful in the economies of the 21st century guided by Catholic values and principles.

Vision Statement

To provide relevant, global, high quality Early Learning – grade 12 Catholic education to children in our community.

Guiding Principles

Success in Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division # 140 is guided by a commitment to the following principles for action:

  •     We value the uniqueness of all God’s children.
  •     We value permeation of Catholic faith in our curriculum.
  •     We value family, parish and community engagement.
  •     We value research based decision making.
  •     We value a safe, caring, respectful learning environment.
  •     We value individual academic excellence.
  •     We value and celebrate the success of our students and staff.
  •     We live our faith by modelling Christ’s teachings.

About Us

The amalgamation of Estevan Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 27, Weyburn Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 84 and St. Olivier Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 12 took place effective January 1, 2004 to form the Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division # 140.

The voluntary amalgamation came about after several years of sharing professional and educational services among the three School Divisions. The three former School Divisions were similar in many aspects, the main and strongest similarity being the education of students within the Catholic faith dimension.

The School Divisions felt this could be protected and enhanced by amalgamating and forming one larger School Division.

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